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Why Pregnancy Coaching?

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Personalized programs

We provide personalized, evidence-based guidance to expectant and new parents throughout their pregnancy journey. You'll have direct access to communicate with your certified pregnancy coach that is tailored specifically to your needs. Our coaching programs are around the clock which means you can text your coach at any time and a response will be given in up to 24 hours.



Not one pregnancy is ever the same, so we review your pregnancy and your needs in thorough detail and give recommendations which may include nutrition, exercise, intimacy, work, massage therapy, child-birth classes, healthcare connections, and more. We service anyone from pre-conception to the post-natal period (after birth).


Comprehensive guidance

We address any questions you may have, both before and after your prenatal appointments. Our guidance extends to preparing you for what to expect and inquire about during these appointments. Your dedicated coach, who is also a registered OBGYN sonographer, not only provides sonogram interpretations, but also assists in navigating your prenatal visits by offering insights into what to anticipate, questions to ask your doctor, and key details to observe during your pregnancy.


All initial consultations are free and will not be charged. 

Almost Four

Around the clock 

You will have full 24/7 access to your assigned coach. This package allows clients to message their coach at any time and coaches will respond in up to 24 hours or less. This service can be purchased individually or added onto another plan.


Pricing - $100 monthly

Averages to approximately $3 / day


Phone on Desk

Weekly Sessions

You will have the accessibility of meeting with your coach on a weekly basis for 30 minute sessions. You will be able to discuss anything you would like.

Pricing - $400 /month


Weekly Session + Around the Clock- $475 / month

On a Video Call

Monthly Sessions

If once a week is too frequent, we also offer our clients to meet with their coach once a month. Monthly sessions are 60 minutes long and serve as an overview of your progress.

Pricing - $200 / month

Monthly Session + Around the Clock - $275 / month

Let's Work Together

Please complete the contact form for any inquiries and we will be in touch in up to 48 hours. 

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