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What is a Pregnancy Coach?

A pregnancy coach is a trained professional that is certified in handling physical and emotional situations before, during, and after pregnancy. Pregnancy is a miracle of life, but it is only natural that someone who is expecting becomes worried. Multiple changes occur, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally also. Mother and baby need immediate care from the time of conception all the way to bringing the baby home and months thereafter. A pregnancy coach is able to provide comprehensive guidance to help the mother overcome these situations. 

Our Story

We are a woman-founded organization where expertise meets compassion and defines our approach to pregnancy coaching. Our journey began when a Registered Diagnostic Medical OBGYN Sonographer, specializing in Maternal Fetal Medicine, established Bella Babies 3D Imaging. Driven by a passion for helping others and motivated by this commitment, she pursued a life coaching certification, aspiring to empower women further as a Pregnancy Coach. While continuing to deliver exceptional 3D ultrasound services, we decided to expand our scope by merging the best of both worlds, now known as Bella 3D Imaging & Pregnancy Center. This expansion serves as a valuable resource accessible to women everywhere.


Our unique approach combines medical proficiency with emotional support, ensuring that each one of our expectant mothers is met with the utmost understanding and guidance. Our responsibility is to empower you with knowledge, emotional resilience, and a comprehensive support system tailored to your individual needs, because at Bella 3DI & Pregnancy Center, we believe that your pregnancy journey deserves nothing less than excellence.

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